The Implication

from by Heavy Weight



she's sitting in a pensive state
thinking in a hush
while the kitchen table contemplates
mortality as a brush
"why does he have to look away?"
rings through every synapse
from down the hall and to the left
his picture starts to speak

"seeing inside your soul is far too uncomfortable
'cause i've observed what's yet to come
and it's driven by lead-footed grief"

so gentleman start your engines
with a lack of good intentions
the better man inside of him is pulling at his tendons
pleading no!

the keyhole's glaring at the flickering fluorescents
she's dreaming of neon reflections
marked by sheets and sweat
messy hair and faded eyes
half a heart and criminal smiles
he could never know what waits behind the kitchen door

the corner turned with every cheek from the last two years
suspicion turned from subtle doubts to rightful fears
the tides were turning in a house no longer a home
a blink, a flash of silver, and then she was alone

tiles white like teeth can't help but blush
quiet crimson streams between the cracks

she's sitting in a pensive state
thinking in a hush
"what will the neighbors say?"


from Garden, released December 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Heavy Weight Fairfield, Connecticut

Connecticut Emo Rock

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